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A Simple guide to creating an SEO strategy

Posted on June 30, 2011
Archive : June 2011
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First you need to be clear as to how many “Conversions”* you would like your website to deliver. Remember this is why you have a website, a properly optimised website is an incredibly efficient sales tool working 24/7, 365 days a year on your business.

But before you get carried away and say 100’s let me take you through some figures by working backwards.

To generate 10 conversions a month you will need (based on average conversion rates) at least 1000 visitors to your site! Of these 1000 visitors over half will have come from the search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

So your SEO strategy needs to deliver at least 500 visitors a month. Step one is to ensure you get on to page 1 of the search page. Why? Well industry figures show us that the top 3 “organic” (not paid for) get 63% of all the clicks.

By the time you get to 11th position you will get less than 0.7% or to put it another way for every 1000 times your website is put in front of a user by the search engines only about 6/7 will click through to your site!

So now you know how many visitors you need, the next step is to decide how you are going to achieve it.

There are two ways of optimising your website:

1. On Page : This is all about researching & editing keywords & phrases that will help the search engines find your site.

To get a high page rank Google will score your site on A) Relevance & B) Page rank.

To increase your chances of getting found it may be that it is worth investing in some paid advertising (PPC) with Google Adwords etc (caution : whilst I always advise clients that SEO is not complicated or difficult, & can be done by anyone, unless you really understand SEO very well I

highly recommend going to a expert on Adwords as you can easily spend huge amounts of money with very little results). Also by running a paid Adwords campaign with a professional you can very quickly see what keywords & phrases are producing the results for you, which you can then use to improve your organic results.

2. Off Page : This is ALL other SEO that can help influence where you are ranked by search engines:

· Advertising : Both online & offline

· Inbound links: From other RELEVENT websites (caution always go for quality or quantity otherwise poor inbound links can do more damage than good)

· Social Media ; Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc

· Business Networking

· Business Branding : Letterheads, emails, business cards etc.

It is a challenge to increase your traffic to your website, however as most business do not have a coherent or proper strategy, you will almost certainly be ahead of your competitors.

Whatever you are told SEO is not difficult and can be done by anyone, however it is time consuming (believe me you can lose just hours & hours researching, tweaking etc) and that is the business decision you have to make . Yes you can do it yourself, however remember to put a realistic value on your own time.

It may be more cost effective to pay a professional and leave you to carry on managing the core functions of your business.


1. NEVER EVER believe anyone who says they can get you on page one of Google! Run a mile! A true professional will at all times manage your expectations competently and the simple fact is NO-ONE can make that guarantee.

2. Ensure you have Google analytics on your site. If you don’t, get your web company to do it immediately, if they can’t/won’t, change developer. This is a FREE application and will allow you monitor, test and analyse your results.

3. SEO is never “Done” even if you achieve the holy grail of the number 1 spot on page 1. Remember the Internet is a constantly moving dynamic industry and there will always be someone trying to knock you off that top spot.

4. Your Website MUST be a CMS solution, i.e. you can make changes yourself. If you need to go back to your web developer every time you need to make a change (and you will often if you are committed to optimising your site well) then change your Web Company.
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*conversion = a new member sign up, sales lead, developed lead, direct sale either B2B or B2C etc

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