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Two reasons why I will not let you spend your money with us on SEO!

Posted on July 08, 2014
Archive : July 2014
Category : SEO

This may seem a strange statement from a company who offer this as part of our digital marketing services and SEO when executed correctly provides a far better long term investment over other forms of marketing. However for most small businesses there are good reasons why it is neither a good use of your time or your money!

1.  You want results now!

If you are looking to get some sales leads within the next month or so then SEO is most definitely not for you! SEO is a long term investment that will not yield results in the short term.

Typically a new website on a new domain can expect to wait several months, maybe 12 or more before you can start to see any results. Whilst a site that has been up and running for a few years may, if you are able to target the right keywords (ie not heavily competitive ones!) start to get some results in 3+ months

For quick results there is very little alternative but to “pay” for your search results.

With paid search you can have ads showing up in Google and on other websites within minutes, rather than waiting months for SEO to start working its magic.

However be warned… Google makes it very easy for you to set up an Adwords account and part you from your money. What’s the catch? Why not just focus on paid search and ignore SEO? First, retargeting and paid search generally have a lower return on investment in the long run–you’re going to pay more to get less. Second, in search engines most people don’t click on ads, they click on organic search results. If you put all your efforts into retargeting and paid search and ignore SEO, you’re leaving a lot of potential business on the table. But when you need results fast, retargeting and paid search are great options.

2.  You Don’t Have the Budget!

The fact is that SEO is not terribly complicated, however it is time consuming. Keywords have to be researched, content has to be written, links have to try and be placed and then data has to be analysed.

So if you are paying a company to do this for you the harsh reality is that even budgets of say £500+ are not nearly enough!

There are lots of companies out there who will of course part you from your £500 (or do it for even less!!) But given that this will not buy you much of their time you can be certain that the results will be non –existent or worse,  black hat techniques may be used which could result in a Google penalty!

You can of course consider doing it yourself but SEO can be incredibly time consuming so it may be better to spend not only your time but your money elsewhere.

Every business is different and whilst SEO may be great for some businesses it may not be a great choice for yours. There may be other forms of marketing that might produce quicker results for less time and money spent! (Email marketing?)
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