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Link Building FAQs

The Process

We Take Care of the Outreach

When we have received your order, we’ll seek placement opportunities bespoke to your project. We’ll then suggest article ideas to the site owners for discussion and approval.

Once Approved We Write The Content

Once a website owner has agreed to take an article, our team will write a high quality article which relates to both your website and the blog owner's audience. Links to your website will be naturally placed within the flow of the article.

Full Placement Report

Once complete, we will send you a spreadsheet showing each link placement we have secured. This will include the website/Blog title, the Article Title, Anchor Text, full Domain Authority and the full URL for your article.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Aren't purchased links bad for my website?
Yes. Bulk building and purchasing links can be bad for your website.  However this isn't either of these things.  Gaining links and mentions of your website on the web is essential. Our method ensures quality ‘mentions’ of your site in the form of links from within an impartial, non promotional, high quality article placement.  You are paying for our time to do this, not buying links on low quality websites or link farms.

Who writes the content?
We have a team of experienced writers who will come up with the ideas and content for high quality articles designed to interest the website audience.

What will the article be about?
We write content that is designed to interest the blog website's audience and relate to your audience at the same time. The content will be non promotional and impartial. This enables us to secure placements on good quality websites with your links appearing naturally within the flow of the article.

Can I approve the article or placement website before they go live?
No, unfortunately not.  Our streamlined processes enables us to deliver on quick turn-around times and also keep the costs down. It's also essential that articles written are non promotional and impartial.

What if you can't find any relevant websites?
We will let you know upon reviewing your order and provide a full refund.

If you still have questions or are not sure if this is right for your business, please feel free to call or email.