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Social Media Marketing for Businesses

For many businesses Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools because of its ability to reach targeted audiences, quickly and easily and, more importantly, to generate more leads and sales for your business.

Social Media - Use the tools the experts use!   

You know the feeling. You’re sitting there, staring at your hands, at the keyboard, at the screen, at the ceiling. You’re supposed to be posting something, but you have no idea what to say so you sit there wasting your time!

We’re all too busy to afford this wasted time. Social media shouldn’t be a time waster.

So allow us to let you in on a trade secret...

Our Free Social Media Management Control Panel does ALL this for you:

  • Generates Content– Creating content just got easier! Our control panel automatically searches for current news about your industry, trending social content and relevant videos. Schedule the content into your Social Media channels with a single click. 
  • Provides Statistics – Imagine if you knew which posts were the most popular, which #hashtag got the most RT’s or what time of day works best for your audience! Our control panel provides all this data for you in a set of responsive interactive graphs and charts!
  • Dashboard - See all your activity easily at a glance.
  • Scheduler - Quickly & easily schedule content to your social networks for any time and date in the future. Ability to export posts to Excel with simple one click.
  • Creates custom images  - With added text, perfect for Twitter!

 No more guesswork. Work smarter not harder!

Visit the link below to create an instant, free account to see for yourself just how much we can help you and your business through the effective management of your social media.

If you would like a little more help, why not look at our Content Provision Service

Hire yourself a Social Media Assistant for less than £7 a day…

What we do for you...

  • We schedule Facebook Posts and Tweets* for you 7 days in advance. This includes finding and creating the content.
  • Set up custom RSS integration for finding relevant and interesting content.
  • Give you access to all stats, including detailed reports.

In addition, you also get direct access to our control panel, which enables you to:

  • Oversee all activity that is scheduled (no nasty surprises!)
  • Allows you to edit, delete or add your own.
  • Use of our Visual Composer, which allows you to create your own images (perfect for Twitter!)
  • Our Feeds Tool enables you to search for appropriate YouTube videos and trending social content as well as Google News. Find a cool video, preview it in the control panel and schedule it to Facebook and Twitter in a few clicks.

All of this from just £184.95 a month

 *Create content and post between 3 – 4 Tweets a day including images, and create and post twice daily to Facebook including sourcing and posting images

This campaign level is designed to deliver the perfect amount of Social Media Content at the right frequency, for each channel daily – 5 days a week.

Subject to terms and conditions. Set up fees may apply All prices subject to VAT

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