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Our easy to use, feature rich tools make managing your email communications incredibly easy

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Email Communication Solutions

Would you like more sales? Are your advertising costs soaring? Not sure what adverts are working for you?

If you answered YES to any of the above then perhaps it's time you took a look at Email Communications.  Email is quick, efficient, targeted and cost effective. Oh, and by the way, it actually works!  If you place an advert in a local newspaper or magazine, etc., wouldn’t you like to know :

HOW Many people read it?
WHO read it?
HOW many & WHO acted upon it?

Can you imagine if your local paper could offer you these sort of statistics and detailed information after EVERY advert was printed. Well the thing is, email CAN and DOES and for a fraction of the price!

So why does it work? There are several reasons. It can be very target specific (not the scatter gun approach of traditional hard copy adverts). It helps build relationships, loyalty and trust with both new and, more importantly, existing customers. It's personal and it delivers results FAST.

Your digital partner! Evolving your ideas and turning them into reality.

However complex, we can build it

Quick Start Plan.

Need some help getting started with Email communications? We do all the complicated stuff for you, leaving you to concentrate on looking after your customers.

Our Quick Start plan includes all of the following elements:    

  • Account creation

  • Custom designed template based on your website design

  • Creation of a web based sign-up form

  • Upload of contacts

  • Creation of custom fields

  • Google Analytics integration

  • First campaign sent

    One off set-up fee £175 

Cost effective development

Simple Pricing Plan.

Following our Quick Start plan you will be on our simple pay as you go pricing plan. You will have access to all the tools you need to create & send powerful email campaigns.   

  • No software to download  
  • Create and send your own campaigns   

  • FREE technical support   

  • Simple pay as you go payment plan

  • No contract

  • Send as many campaigns as you want

  • It’s easy, fast and affordable!

Just pay as and when you want to send a campaign. Pay just £3.50 per send and 3.5p per recipient

Let's say you send to 1,000 subscribers.  You'll pay a total of £38.50.  Compare that to print and postage! 

We understand budgets

Managed Account 

Short on time? Why not look at our fully managed service?

If you understand the importance of email communications and want to make it part of your marketing strategy to generate more sales leads for your business, but are short on time, then let us fully manage your email campaign for you.

From strategic planning and email campaign set up, to execution, detailed reporting analysis and much, much more:    
  • Upload and management of your contacts
  • Professionally designed email template

  • Preparation of monthly campaign

  • Auto responders set up

  • Integration to social media platforms

  • Detailed reporting including Google Analytics integration

  • Up to 5000 subscribers and 25,000 sends per month

  • Creation of website sign-up forms

All of this for only £175 set-up.
Monthly fee of £197

To discuss your email communications call us on: 

01789 330160